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What are some examples of bending machine's Creed

发布日期: 2019-10-18 10:56:01

What are some examples of bending machine's creed? I believe that everyone knows that the application of bending machine is very frequent, so it is necessary to standardize the application of bending machine, so as to maintain the bending machine. The last notch of bending machine shall be discarded, and the notch with 8 times of plate thickness shall be generally discarded. The last and object will not be relaxed. The application specification of last of bending machine is to connect the power supply of bending machine, change the key switch, press the oil pump to start, the oil pump of bending machine has completed the migration and transformation, and the work of this opportunist has not been completed. Cut off the power supply when pressing the die, and inherit after stopping the operation. If the 4mm plate is bent, it is necessary to discard the 32 arranged notches. When the upper die of the bending machine goes up to the bottom, there must be a gap of plate thickness. Changzhou Huili CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of sheet metal equipment, with a history of more than 20 years. The company specializes in the design, production and sales of CNC shearing machine, bending machine and other sheet metal processing equipment. It is necessary to check the condition of the equipment, and then assemble according to the steps. Besides, it is necessary to carry on the commissioning, and pay attention to personal insurance during the commissioning. Last of bending machine is divided into upper die and lower die of bending machine, which are used for stamping and connecting last of sheet metal. The die for forming has a cavity, and the die for connecting has a cutting edge. To open the bending machine, place wood blocks on the lower die under the oil cylinders on both sides to raise the upper sliding plate onto the wood blocks. During the course of adjustment, it is necessary to test the last of bending machine to inherit the bending work. Check the coincidence and robustness of the upper and lower dies of the bending machine; check whether the positioning devices are in line with the requirements of being processed.

What are the development examples of bending machine creed? It is forbidden to use the last of the bending machine to fold the extra thick iron plate or the over quenched transcribed steel plate, high alloy steel, square steel and the plate better than the function of the plate bending machine, so as to avoid loosening the cutter. Check the coincidence of upper and lower last frequently; check whether the indication of pressure gauge conforms to the regulations. When changing the closing of the lower die of the variable bending machine, no material is allowed to fight with the lower die. Exit the control fine crushing sequence first, and then cut off the power supply. The adjustment of distance also includes electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment. Generally, T8, T10 and T10A are used as materials, and 42CrMo is better. If it has high strength, high toughness and superior wear-resistant function, cold last steel is used. Cr12MoV is a good material. Application function may be satisfied, process function may be good, and price may be high. 42CrMo is a high-strength alloy quenched and tempered steel, with high strength and toughness. It can be used for homework at 500 degrees or more. 。