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Konka Group

发布日期: 2019-10-18 09:39:39

      Konka Group was founded on May 21, 1980, formerly known as "Guangdong Guangming overseas Chinese electronic industry company". It is the first Sino foreign joint venture electronic enterprise born after China's reform and opening up, with a registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan. In 1991, Konka Group was reorganized into a Chinese and foreign public joint stock company; in 1992, Konka A and B shares were listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange at the same time; in 2015, Konka issued additional capital in the form of capital reserve conversion, and the registered capital after the change was RMB 2.408 billion. OCT Group is the largest shareholder of Konka, with a shareholding ratio of 30.3% at the end of 2017.

      In 1999, Konka Group became the first enterprise in Shenzhen with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan. In 2013, the output value exceeded 20 billion yuan. In 2017, Konka achieved a leap forward development with sales revenue of 31.2 billion yuan and net profit of 5.057 billion yuan. In the first half of 2018, Kangjia has achieved operating revenue of 17.625 billion yuan and total profit of 391 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 54.6% and 1179%, respectively. It is expected to achieve revenue of 50 billion yuan and total profit of 1 billion yuan in the whole year.

      In 2017, Konka launched the transformation and upgrading strategy guided by leapfrog development. In 2018, Konka formally constructed the development strategy of "one core positioning, two development lines, three development strategies and four business groups". Under the guidance of the strategy, Kangjia has upgraded to strategic emerging industries, expanded to industrial real estate business, extended to Internet and supply chain service business based on consumer electronics business (color TV, white TV and mobile phone), and formed a situation of coordinated development of four business groups, namely "business group of Science and Technology Park, business group of industrial products, business group of platform service and business group of investment finance". 。 At present, Konka has completed the corporate operation of multimedia color TV, mobile communication, white home appliances and other businesses. It has newly established strategic emerging business departments such as science and Technology Industrial Park business headquarters, semiconductor business department, environmental protection science and technology business department, supply chain finance business department, invested in and purchased many high-tech enterprises, and steadily built new business growth poles and realized diversified development. With the implementation of the phased results of Konka's industrial layout, Konka is expected to achieve a revenue target of 100 billion yuan by the end of 2020.