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SIGLEN Elevator

发布日期: 2019-10-18 10:00:41

Siglen (Siglen elevator), inheriting the industrial background of innovation and focus in Sweden and the humanistic spirit of putting people first, relying on modern and intelligent advanced production technology and intelligent technological innovation, creates a high-quality elevator with Swedish doctrine.

In 2012, Siglen elevator (China) Co., Ltd. officially established and established a large-scale intelligent industrial park in Foshan, Guangdong Province. At present, the park has a modern headquarters office building, a large-scale manufacturing center and a national elevator research laboratory, as well as a 106 meter high elevator test tower, which can test up to 8m / s high-speed elevator, providing a reliable platform for the technical research and development and testing of singlin elevator.

With the mission of building a high-quality elevator, Siglen elevator has gathered nearly 100 R & D engineers around the world to continuously improve product technology, optimize product structure, strengthen the detection and evaluation of each new technology, and introduce world leading manufacturing and testing equipment from Sweden, Italy and other countries, to build layer by layer and provide customers with high-quality products.

At present, in addition to the general passenger series, cargo series and escalator / sidewalk series, the company's high-quality product line extends the inclined elevator, right angle double door elevator and the elevator and transformation of the old building. Its products can meet the European (en81) standard, and achieve a 360 ° all-round passenger flow solution of singlin. And helped singlin to pass the international certification: EAC, CE, German TUV and so on. In China, we have successively obtained: Guangdong active safety intelligent elevator (singreen) Engineering Technology Research Center, high-tech enterprise, user satisfaction enterprise, global quality trustworthy unit, international famous brand, Chinese famous brand, AAA credit enterprise of Chinese elevator industry, etc.

Safety is the first demand. The safety awareness of Siglen elevator is: more initiative can be more safe. For this reason, singer Lin has successfully developed a series of active security technology systems, such as easy go intelligent active trouble shooting system, hidden danger self checking processing system, Internet of things security system, etc. Singreen considered carefully in advance, active service makes the active safety elevator expert, which is favored by major customers all over the world, and becomes the first choice of many landmark buildings in the world.

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