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Korea LG Group

发布日期: 2019-10-18 09:53:34

LG Group was founded in 1947 in Seoul, South Korea. It is located at No. 20, ruidao cave, yongdengpu District, Seoul city. It is an international enterprise group that leads the world's industrial development.

LG Group has established more than 300 overseas offices in 171 countries and regions. Its subsidiaries include: LG Electronics, LG display, GS Caltex, LG chemistry, LG life health, etc., and its business fields cover chemical energy, electronic appliances, communications and services, etc.

LG Group has set up 31 research centers in 6 countries in the world, and the investment in scientific research and development has accounted for 5% of the group's total revenue. Through overseas research institutions, LG Group is further strengthening its technical strength. Its scientific research institutions in Chicago, San fosse and San Diego in the United States, Sendai in Japan, dusseff in Germany and Dublin in Ireland are making use of high-end scientific research equipment to vigorously carry out various scientific research activities and strive for the early arrival of high-tech society.

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