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CANAI Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company that integrates R & D, production and operation to lay out a large health industry. It always adheres to the mission of "spreading excellent Chinese culture and inheriting healthy lifestyle". Jialai advocates "to be honest and do the right thing", striving to be a person with "sincerity, kindness, conscience" and "integrity, atmosphere and courage", and reaching the state of "go out of one's own love and win the world's great love".

Since its establishment,CANAI adheres to high-quality products and services to contribute to the rise of Chinese brands. Jia Lai closely follows the national "one belt and one way" strategy, and ploughs China, based on the Asia Pacific region, and looks at the world.

CANAI has always been insisting on innovative technology research and development and independent factory production. At present, Jialai has obtained a number of invention patents and international authoritative qualification certification.

It is CANAI's unswerving pursuit to establish CANAI's Centennial foundation and become one of the world's top 500 companies. Jialai always adheres to the concept of "filial piety, respect for teachers, benefit others, and give back to the society", adheres to the principle of being kind to others, upholds the principle of self-cultivation, and builds a perfect and harmonious cooperative relationship. We also call on all partners of Jialai to join in the public welfare and contribute to a better society.